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Are You Strong Enough To be My Woman...Friend?

“Are You Strong Enough To Be My Woman Friend?"

Heading off to the concert venue with two of my best girlfriends to see Sheryl Crow today, listening to “Are you Strong Enough To Be My Man”, got me thinking about how we pull in our tribe of people who are a match for our vibration. All three of us are strong, powerful women and we support and challenge each other. We have little time for bullshit and have gone through so many sorrows and successes, that there is a common language there. Over time we have come to see both the strengths, and the frail chinks in the warrior armor of each other, and still CHOOSE to be in relationship.

As middle life shows us new challenges, we also recognize the gifts of wisdom, and the opportunities to show new faucets of ourselves, and let them come out of hiding without embarrassment or shame. I am so grateful for these two women, and the others in my tribe to hold me accountable, see my greatness (when I cannot or will not), and continue to delight and inspire me to be a better person, as they allow me to do for them. Here’s to calling in “Your Tribe” and howling together.