Are You Ready To Quit Your Husband?

This was what came out of my dear friend’s mouth recently as she described some of the issues I help my clients with. She knows that I work with women who are ready to move forward and find love and fulfillment on a bigger scale. “Oh Cat, that's funny, the phrase is: LEAVE your marriage, not quit your husband.” I replied.

This is one of the many things I love about my friends who speak English as a second language. Every once and awhile, the turn of a phrase is so different that it stops me in mid-thought, and in a beautiful way, redirects me to look at the same thing in a completely new light. We quit our JOBS when we are miserable or realize that we have changed and desire to go another direction, stop playing small, or follow our passions and gifts, and this simple turn of phrase “ quit your husband” equated it with a career change, thus subliminally giving “permission” for it to be an option to the woman contemplating it. What an interesting way to take the emotional charge out of it and examine it. It doesn’t have to be a husband or relationship, but what are you ready “to quit” in order to be more fulfilled?