Step Out of The Shadows

I see you. I see that ray of light that you are trying to hide. It leaks through and shines to those of us who take the time to look.

I also know that you take precautions to hide it so you don’t get ridiculed or teased. You take good care of that sweet little child inside and are such a great protector. I know all these things because they hold true for me as well. In 8th grade, I had softballs thrown at my head after gym class every day by other students. My perceived crime, being poor and not being able to afford more than 2 pairs of pants for the whole school year. Actually, the issue was that I grew quickly, and my pants were way too short. “Where’s the flood?” They would yell at me. I had no idea what they meant until I learned pants that short were called “high waters” and not socially acceptable. I endured this daily until graduation, but more importantly, I dimmed my light. I got even more shy, stopped risking looking stupid, and put my heart in “protection” mode. Fast forward decades, I am able to recognize the damage this did to my soul. It has caused me to second guess myself, doubt my greatness, and stop me from fully showing up with all my gifts to share. It is such a waste, and I will no longer hide in the shadows as that shy, scared 8th grader. I will share ALL I have to give and shine brightly as the true radiant soul I am.