I recently had someone I’d been close to for years try to shame me in a text. As the phone

signaled a message, I looked at it with excitement, but reading the words

created such a strong reaction in my body that I had to stand up and shake it off like a duck

after a pond squabble. Having someone assert their own judgement and try to shame me is

something I hadn’t felt in awhile, and it reminded me of how powerful it can be both to my

soul, and also my body.

A woman I work with brought that up today. She has been criticized lately for occasionally

swearing in her trainings, and was quick to bring up the point that as women in particular,

we have been shamed over our bodies, the way we dress, expressing ourselves, and our

decisions we make in our lives. Our OWN lives.

Over the last year, I have let some friendships go that no longer felt “right” to me and I

wish them all the best on their own journey. I feel lighter and more authentic to express

myself and my dreams and do the work I was born to do.

Where are you holding on to shame, or allowing the judgement of others to hold you back

from your big, awesome, authentic life?