“To accelerate, hasten, stir up, revive or restore life.” All these are accurate and yet not thorough enough.

I have yet to find a definition that describes “quickening” as what occurs to a woman at mid-life.

Having close women friends in their early 40’s through late 50’s, I have recently had an epiphany about this idea of “quickening”.

For each woman, it is slightly different. I have several close friends who have had actual fluttering contractions of their uterus as they are going through this transition. It is both beautiful, the birthing of one’s own soul to a bigger expression, and also can be embarrassing as it comes on in line at the grocery store, or at the movies. Growth and humor! It is both exciting and sometimes a little scary to consciously choose to live unbridled by the fear of what other people think, and show up in all your creative divine femininity.

It is a time of speaking one’s mind with both clarity and grace, a time of opening up, flowering, birthing ourselves, expressing deep desires, releasing creative passions, creating, creating, and creating some more.

Dr. Christiane Northrup, obstetrician, gynecologist , best selling author, and all around goddess, describes this time of our lives as a time of wisdom, a time when our menstrual cycle comes to an end, and the wisdom in our blood is retained in our body. We become even more powerful, and if we listen, more creative and wise.

I watch as my friends and clients go through this internal process of rebirth, and am excited by the brave choices and creative expressions they are choosing. Here’s to showing up as the biggest, truest, most beautiful expression of your soul!