Be a Punker!

Last week I was talking with a musician friend about creative expression and how to get out of your own way in order to let it through. As human beings, we are creative by nature, it’s an integral part of our biology. This doesn’t mean that we all express it in a he same manner, Einstein played with mathematics, Picasso, with paint.

My friend brought up the subject of Punk Rock. Being a classically trained, but a rock guitarist, he appreciates a finely composed song, and spends hours revising lyrics to get them just right. This made it even more out of character when he blurted out the following: “ You must be a Punk Rocker. Just pick up the damn guitar! Don’t worry about being 100% skilled or sure of yourself, just do it with bravado! The Sex Pistols didn’t let fear or lack of musical training stop them.” I had to laugh, and agree with him. There is wisdom in getting out of your own way to allow the creative process to happen. We are conduits for expression.

Just go pick up that guitar!